Best-Selling Gifts

Make your gift giving quick, easy, and worry free!

Whether you want to show appreciation for someone special, celebrate a happy occasion, or help friends settle into a new home with a housewarming gift that they will surely appreciate, you really can’t go wrong with a living gift. They make the perfect present for just about anyone. To help make your gift giving quick, easy, and worry free, we have compiled some of our most gifted items.

If you are like us, you love plants in any form, almost anywhere. But you don’t have to be an avid gardener to appreciate these popular gifts, and there’s no need for special skills or a green thumb. These plants are easy to grow and low maintenance; they add color, texture, and sometimes fragrance without creating additional chores.

Our living gifts are not only stylish and versatile, fitting any home décor and any room, but they are also environmentally healthful, recycling and freshening indoor air. So, these unique gift plants will please anyone, from the chicest designer to your most health-conscious friend or family member.

And you can rest assured the Jackson and Perkins living gift you send is of the highest quality and will arrive at its destination well packaged and in good condition, delivering your message perfectly.