The Best Roses for Cutting and Expert Care Tips for Making Cut Roses Last

Grow these roses that flower generously to have bouquets all growing season.

If you’re looking specifically for the best cut roses, hybrid teas are most found in bouquets. These roses are the type that florists use with a single bud at the end of a long, straight stem. Remember the beauty of a single rosebud in a vase as well as a bountiful bouquet.

Hybrid tea roses are not the only type of rose that is ideal for cutting, however. Floribundas and grandifloras present a large cluster of blooms at the end of a stem so you can create a rose bouquet with just one snip. Hardy shrub roses also produce blooms in bountiful clusters. Even climbing roses offer opportunities for fragrant and gorgeous bouquets. Be sure that you have a stem that is long enough to reach the water in your vase.


Let’s look at some of the most popular roses for cutting, We’ll finish up with some expert tips for cutting your roses to make them last.

Best Roses for Cutting: Our Top Picks

close up of rose blooms on Mister Lincoln hybrid tea rose

Mister Lincoln Hybrid Tea Rose

A classic choice, Mister Lincoln rose is renowned for its deep red color and strong fragrance. Its long stems make it an ideal candidate for cutting, ensuring a striking presence in any bouquet.


close up of rose bloom on Ronald Reagan hybrid tea rose

Ronald Reagan Hybrid Tea Rose

So popular that we brought it back for spring 2024 as part of the J&P Vault Collection, the flowers are borne mostly singly or in small clusters on long stems for your rose or mixed perennial bouquet.


close up of rose bloom on Julia Child floribunda rose

Julia Child Floribunda Rose

This variety, named after the famous chef, features buttery yellow blooms with a sweet licorice scent. Its sturdy stems and prolific flowering nature make it a fantastic choice for regular cutting.


cluster of rose blooms on Burgundy Iceberg floribunda rose

Iceberg Floribunda Rose

Known for its vigorous growth, 'Iceberg' is a floribunda that offers continuous flowers and is highly disease-resistant, making it a practical and beautiful choice for cutting gardens.


Tips for Cutting Roses

The Best Time to Cut:

Cut roses in the early morning when their moisture content is highest. This helps ensure they remain fresh and vibrant for as long as possible once cut.


Choosing the Right Stem

Look for stems with buds that are just starting to open. These will continue to open after cutting, giving you the longest vase life.

Use Sharp Tools

Always use sharp, clean pruning shears or scissors. A clean cut helps the rose absorb water more efficiently and prevents damage to the stem.

Water and Conditioning

Immediately after cutting, place the stems in a bucket of warm water. Before arranging them, re-cut the stems underwater to avoid air embolisms in the stems.

Regular Maintenance

Change the water in the vase every two days and re-cut the stems to keep roses looking fresh. Keep your bouquet away from direct sunlight and heat sources to prolong its life.

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