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3-4 foot Cut Fir Tree
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When you order a live decorated holiday tree from Jackson & Perkins, it arrives in our special shake-proof container, keeping all the ornaments and lights in place throughout the journey. This container features a unique “front door” opening that makes it easy for you to open the box right-side-up and remove the tree.

Perfectly Decorated, Right Out of the Box Once the tree is out of the box, just fluff up the branches, plug in the string of tiny white lights, and admire. Your fragrant, living holiday tree is all set!

Jackson & Perkins has the largest assortment of holiday trees available anywhere, including both natural and frosted versions. Our natural trees can even be replanted outside after the holidays, allowing you to enjoy their beauty for years to come! The frosted trees are not recommended for replanting, however. We also offer a variety of sizes, from larger two-gallon ones that are 28-32 inches high to smaller tabletop versions that are only 22-24 inches tall!

We know you're going to love the selection and quality of these decorated trees. We truly have something for everyone and every situation. Each holiday season, more and more of our customers are sending them as gifts to friends or family in nursing homes, to teachers, employees, and garden enthusiasts. Their convenient size makes them perfect accents for tables, countertops, and entryways. And of course, they're wonderful for anyone who no longer has the desire or ability to decorate a larger tree. We hope you'll find the one that's just right for you and make it a part of your holiday tradition!

Tips for Caring for Your Live Decorated Holiday Tree
Your holiday tree from Jackson & Perkins needs no special attention to look its best! However, if you want to help it remain fresh and healthy all season long, here are a few tips:

• When the tree arrives, remove it from its planter, set it in the sink or onto a saucer, and water it well. When the water has drained, place the tree back in its container.
• Place it in a cool area, away from heater vents.
• Water it periodically (once or twice a week) throughout the holiday season.
• Snip off any bent branches or brown needles as they arise.
Planting Your Holiday Tree after Christmas
Your live tree is intended for enjoyment over the holidays, but in certain circumstances you may be able to extend its life by planting it outdoors after Christmas. (Our Frosted Holiday Trees cannot be planted outdoors.) Here are some tips for caring for and transplanting your evergreen:

• Follow all of the instructions listed above, paying particular attention to finding a cool location inside your home to display the tree.
• As soon as possible after the holidays, remove the ornaments, lights, and outer container from the tree. Set the tree in its plastic nursery pot in a cool but frost-free location outdoors, such as a garage. Let it acclimatize for several days in this location.
• Cut the plastic pot carefully away from the tree and its roots, keeping the root ball and soil intact. Immediately plant the tree in a hole in full sunshine or partial shade, setting it to the same depth as it was in the container.
• Water the tree in well. Do not add any fertilizers or growth stimulants until spring.

Our Holiday Tree Inspiration
Jackson & Perkins has become known as THE source of live holiday trees. And the reason is simple: we put so much time and care into picking the perfect trees as well as choosing only the highest-quality ornaments and decorations! We source only the finest Dwarf Alberta Spruce and Italian Stone Pine trees from the Pacific Northwest and Southern California. Each of these lovely little evergreens is of the highest quality, so you'll be able to enjoy it all season long and beyond.

Every year, we create new and even more beautiful themes for our Christmas trees, to make sure we always have something that will delight, from the youngest child in your family to grandparents and everyone in between.

Planning for the new tree styles begins a year ahead of time. When looking for theme ideas, we find a huge amount of inspiration right here in America, but we also often turn to Europe for our influence. Our designers start by studying the retail trends at Christmas. Then, right after the holidays, they attend the most prestigious of all design shows, Christmasworld in Frankfurt, Germany! There, they have the opportunity to see all the new ideas coming from European designers and overseas manufacturers.
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3-4 foot Cut Fir Tree
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3 ft - 4 ft
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Dark Green, Medium Green
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