Beautiful Holiday Decor Trends to Delight Your Senses

Organic Elegance Meets Modern Festivity

The holiday season will soon be here, and as our world continues to prioritize sustainable living, organic and healthy decor ideas are taking center stage. Whether you're hosting a large family gathering, a holiday potluck, looking to festoon your apartment, or a corporate planner orchestrating a company holiday bash, there's a decor trend tailored for you.

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Organic Elegance for the Family Home

Hosting a large family gathering? The emphasis is on creating a warm, welcoming, and health-conscious environment.

amaryllis bulb gifts

  • Bulb Gardens: These are a fantastic centerpiece for the family dining table. Not only do they bring a touch of nature indoors, but they also bloom into beautiful (and often fragrant) flowers, adding a touch of color and life to your comfortable setting.


  • Amaryllis Bulbs in Containers: These are a classic holiday decor choice with tall, striking flowers you can place in various corners of the house, from the entrance to the fireplace mantel. And here's a bonus: if you live in zones 8-10, after the holidays, you can plant your amaryllis in the garden where they can bloom again, making them a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. (Waxed amaryllis bulbs do not tend to rebloom.) You and your giftees will enjoy multiple, long-lasting flowers from a single bulb.

Sustainable Potluck Party

If you’re known for making eco-conscious choices, natural and living gifts are perfect for your serving table.

Santa centerpiece holiday decor

  • Mini Christmas Trees: Perfect for small spaces, these trees come with decorations, string lights, bells, bows, and handmade ornaments depending on your selection, which can be saved and reused next year. Plus, the trees are real, which means they're sustainable and can be replanted or composted after the holidays.


  • Evergreen Wreaths and Garlands: Assembled from real boughs, these wreaths and garlands include classic adornments and contemporary tchotchkes, adding a personal touch to your potluck’s décor – and a traditional welcome when you hand them on the front door.

Festive Vibes for Smaller Spaces

For apartment homes, tiny homes, and retirement cottages, space might be limited, but festivity isn't!

  • Vertical Decor: Think tall amaryllis bulbs, hanging garlands, and wall-mounted wreaths. These take up minimal floor space but maximize the holiday spirit.
  • Centerpieces with a Twist: Instead of a single large centerpiece, opt for a few small ones using real boughs, pinecones, and candles. They can be placed on windowsills, coffee tables, and even the balcony. Surround them with a blooming amaryllis or a collection of blooming bulbs.

Corporate Elegance: The Company Holiday Party

When it comes to corporate settings, the decor should be sophisticated yet festive.

holiday table centerpiece decor

  • Tabletop Mini Trees: These can be placed on each table, adorned with seasonal colors and small ornaments, adding to the festive feel.


  • Organic Centerpieces: Using real boughs, these centerpieces can be interspersed with LED candles, giving a warm glow without the fire hazard.

Additional Holiday Decor Design Tips

holiday décor gift ideas

  1. Color Trends: This year, pastel colors are making a splash. Think soft pinks, blues, and lavenders combined with traditional greens and reds.
  2. Texture Play: Mix and match. Use the softness of real boughs with the rustic feel of pinecones and the smoothness of ornaments.
  3. Eco-friendly Lighting: Opt for LED fairy lights or candles. They're energy-efficient and provide a warm, cozy ambiance.


  5. Personal Touch: Personalize your decor. Whether it's handmade ornaments, family photos, crafts, or a fun cutout of your company logo, make your decor uniquely yours. Sprinkle these personal treasures around tables and gathering spots to elicit the sharing of fond memories.

The holiday season is all about blending the traditional with the modern, the organic with the sustainable. With real plants and boughs, you can ensure your decor is not only beautiful but also eco-friendly.

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