Summer Sunset Kalanchoe

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Kalanchoe Gift Plant
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A gift as meaningful as it is beautiful!

Kalanchoe are often given as a symbol of endurance and lasting affection, and this gift is a great way to express just those feelings! The warm orange blooms can't help but bring a smile to your face, and the quietly sophisticated cachepot in which this easy-to-grow plant is nestled, looks right at home in any setting, formal or casual.
Gift Plant Specifications:
• Linen cachepot is 4¼" H x 4¾" W x 4¾" D..
• Summer Sunset Kalanchoe.
• Plant care information included.
• Removable liner included.
• Arrives with an attractive "Gift for You" card.

Living gifts through the dead of winter!

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Virtual Form Kalanchoe Gift Plant
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Occasion All Occasion, Valentine's Day
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Kalanchoe blossfeldiana var. is a naturally bushy succulent plant which is native to the highlands of Madagascar. It is grown for its clusters of long-lasting brightly-colored flowers.

Kalanchoes plant Placement:

Kalanchoes should be grown in a sunny east or west- facing window which receives four or more hours of sunlight per day. They grow well in normal room temperatures. During the summer, your Kalanchoe may be moved outdoors to a semi-shady location. Return them indoors before night temperatures drop below 45ºF.


Water thoroughly and allow the soil surface to dry to a depth of 1” between waterings. Reduce watering in the months of October and November, allowing the soil to approach dryness before watering again.

After Flowering Care:

Kalanchoes are often discarded after the flowers are spent because they are difficult to get to rebloom. To keep them, prune back the plants just below the base of the flower stalks and follow the watering and fertilizing directions above. Kalanchoes naturally bloom when the days are short in late fall or early winter.


While the plant is flowering, apply a houseplant liquid fertilizer every two weeks. After flowering ends, withhold fertilizer for one month and then resume normal feeding every two to three weeks.


Plant material such as this product should not be eaten. While most plants are harmless, some contain toxins.