La Jolla Hose Pot

A side hole keeps the hose connected to the faucet, while bottom holes drain out any water that gets in.
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Mysterious and attractive (especially with the lid on!), this steel pot is so much more interesting than loops of hose sprawled all over your plants!

Conceal your garden hose once and for all with this downright beautiful steel hose pot! Absolutely the best solution we've ever come across for hiding the hose in plain sight, this pot is a pleasure to behold, and will add beauty and a stately presence to your garden while keeping that muddy, raggedy old hose out of sight!

We all start off with the best intentions, smartly looping the hose around our arm the first 2 or 3 times we use it, or perhaps winding it around one of those crank-operated spools. Then, as the hose gets slimy and we get busy, we just hurl it out of the driveway or off the garden path when we're finished. (Every once in a while, we forget, and a perfect hose-shaped trail of dead grass marks the area where it lay!) Soon, the hose is full of kinks and knots, the crank-operated spool is cobwebbed, and we can't stand to look at any of it!

Here's where the La Jolla Hose Pot comes to the rescue. This generously sized brass pot (20 inches high and 13 inches in diameter) is a permanent solution to the problem of Big Old Ugly Hose. First, thread the hose through the secret side hole, so it remains attached to the faucet at all times. Then coil it up into the pot. Finally, pop the ultra-cool lid on top! Even if you leave the lid off during a torrential rainstorm, the water will run out of the base of the pot (drainage holes!) and do no more than clean off your hose a little!

And using the La Jolla Hose Pot is such a pleasure that you may find yourself actually enjoying coiling up the hose. We know, it seems unlikely, but this solid steel pot with a Venetian brass finish is so beautifully decorated with an intricate leaf frieze around the top and a long, slender lozenge pattern below that you'll find yourself pausing to admire it! And it holds up to 150 feet of hose. Dimensions: 20" H x 13" diameter.

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