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Azalea Gift Plant
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You are now the owner of a healthy Azalea plant. Your help is needed, however, to keep it alive. Please closely follow the care instructions, especially those relating to temperature and watering, to enjoy the longest display of flowers.

Azalea Plant Light Exposure & Temperature:

Azaleas like cool temperatures when blooming, 50º- 60ºF is ideal. They tolerate higher temperatures, but the flower life and flowering period will be shortened. Place indoors in a brightly lighted area away from hot direct sunlight. During winter months, when house interior air tends to be dry, mist the plant daily to increase the humidity, especially during the flowering season.

After flowering and after all danger of frost has passed, you may move your Azalea outside into a patio or other area shaded from hot direct sunlight.

Soil & Watering:

Azalea plants require frequent watering. The soil should be kept evenly moist, drying only slightly between waterings. Do not allow the soil to go too dry which can cause flower bud drop and shorten the flowering period. Also, never use water that has been treated by a water softener. If the tap water in your area is high in minerals, water heavily every time to the point that water flows from the drain holes.

If the plant gets too dry or excessive salts build up on the soil surface, submerge the entire pot in water to insure thorough watering and washing out of salts.


Prune to shape as you desire, keeping in mind the small-scale size of the plant and its container. Flowers will appear from small shoots that originate where the leaves meet the stem and the shoot tips in the spring.

Flowers in the spring, harvest in the autumn. If too much new growth is produced at the branch tips, don’t be shy about cutting it back to a lower position to shorten the plant's height as it begins to re-grow. Planting in a larger container is the easiest way to keep the plant healthy.

Remove the plant from its pot, during winter, every 2-3 years and remove about 1/3 of the roots. Re-pot with a blended potting soil. This will encourage new roots and keep it growing happily.

Winter Period:

Keep the plant from cold extreme temperatures in a bright location through the winter. Depending on your location, you could leave it outside in a frost free area or in a bright, warm room if freezing temperatures occur. As old leaves fall off, fertilize regularly to create new growth and keep the plant productive.

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